Birt 17 des 2018
Answers to questions you never asked.
(0:07) Status of Kony in 2018
(0:33) Were those tattoos real?
(0:54) Is Kony actually as bad as they say?
(1:22) Why did Jason snap?
(5:30) What on earth was that musical?
(14:33) TO SKIP THE MUSICAL (timestamp in the video is wrong)
(14:34) A bit about Jon M. Chu
(16:11) The car incident
(17:42) How did Invisible Children start?
(18:38) What was Uganda's response to the video?
(19:18) What's up with that Moreno Ocampo guy?
(22:56) Why don't they just big-boom device Kony?
(24:47) Where'd the money go?
(28:16) What about that video with the guy drinking?????
(30:10) What was Kony's response?
(30:58) Were there any arrests over the vandalism?
(31:18) Why is George Clooney LARPing as the CIA?
(32:27) Where is Kony right now?
(34:44) Show me more dumb clips

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  • Kony did nothing wrong

  • Who is this dude in turquoise shirt?

  • Jason has hero syndrome

  • 16:25 what's that game?

  • Well I can see where most of their budget went

  • I feel bad for Jacob that dude saying we're going to get them it's 2021 and he's still doing the same stuff I could see why he just brushed it off when he told them that they were going to catch him he knew.

  • 11:52 Just realized I'm watching this video on the 29th of April. Nice.

  • 10/10 acting for sure

  • For some reason I thought the guy who started Kony 2012 killed himself

  • No wonder millenials are jaded really And thats definitely Ryan Hansen in the video, he is married to Jason Russell's sister

  • 17:00 yeah mate pretty sure your under attack by Ugandan streamsnipers. Their leader is some guy named "Bruce U?" Basically if you hear meme music start running! ;-)

  • Did it pain anyone else that he didn’t mention that the music video was a parody of “Captain EO” from Disneyland in the 80s by Michael Jackson. That really brought me back!

  • This is coming from a fair amount of time and research that your just going to have to do yourself if you really want to see if my point is relevant, but the more pressing question is NOT is Kony that bad. It is: is Kony unique? Short answer: lol nope. Longer answer: post colonial subsaharan Africa is a nightmare conflation of modern technology, primal habits, advanced complexity, and simple Hobbesian Reality. Canabalism, witchcraft, Cargo Cultism, mercenaries, proxy conflict, sacral mutilation, zero sum infrastructure, wilderness, isolation, colonial abandonment, remote policy application... I'm a verbose motherfucker and I lack the lexicon to paint an accurate picture of the nightmare that is subsaharan African conflict. I say this only to encourage reading (of books, not webpages) and restraint. There is no simple solution.

  • I didn't know cancer had a theme song

  • it was funny , i got it , JOSON

  • I wish I got into anything as hard as he gets into that song

  • the car shooting one more just comes off as him not going into detail rather than being misleading.

  • Yuo,

  • When is the “in bad times” T-shirt ready? Too funny mate. Need it

  • That music video makes me feel like im watching a crossover of Highschool Drama Musical +Zoolander part 5. You can tell they are trying to be a little ironic to hook the youth but its not even close and its just a terrible idea all around.

  • I know South Park used him as the foundation of the episode , I mean that guy what's his name that's the subject of this is naturally a South Park character. Personified by Stan and not a side character, Trey Parker empathizes with the guy. I wouldn't know about the connection if you didn't make this video because I wouldn't have ever known about the inspiration I can't remember the name of. Bless him!

    • A big part of me growing up (read: black and white blending to gray) was realizing that South Park (pre-Trump of course) is very funny and very shallow. There is almost zero substance behind their substantial insight, a puzzling problem that haunts all great satire. Put another way: being an exceptional meteorologist does not make you a good financial advisor.

  • That dude is straight out of SouthPark in real life, but not in a bad way. He wasn't taking donations and sucking cocaine off of hookers assholes with it! God bless him!

  • the song slaps but no one will admit it

  • holy crap the 00’s were a weird time man

  • 7:05 theres no fucking way this chic isnt one of the karens we see having melt downs on tiktok

  • You sir are a treasure. Very entertaining and just a (fairly) unbiased source of information, with no agenda about from giving people interesting information. You treat a very serious issue with enough respect without sensationalism. I feel it's a very Australian mindset which our wish our leaders and media displayed more often 🇦🇺

  • Watching this after all those years, i didn't skipped the "dance video part".... and i'm not disapointed, the commentary makes it about 30% less painful xD

  • They made that moxi movie now

  • Moxie is now on Netflix

  • What's that starting song? It sounds pretty cool.

  • there music video makes me want to relapse

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how that song and dance is literally just Captain EO?

  • With $23 million, they could have spent a fraction of that hiring a small mercenary group of former spec-ops to go into the jungle to locate and take out Kony and his cadre, and then used the rest to rehab everyone left over after they were freed. Bing bang boom done.

  • With all due respect for Jason Russell's mum, she sounds like Toad screaming.

  • the song is hard to watch holy s..t :/=

  • God damnit I hate America. XD

  • God, watching them talk to those kids makes me cringe so bad. I had to pause the video several times, I still haven't finished it and I'm dreading hitting play.

  • I always hated bandwagons and how young naïve people will always latch on to pointless causes that go nowhere like this. Kony 2012 was the epitome of that cringe for me.

  • No one gonna talk about how they stole piccolo's clothes beam?

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  • 'thousands of people were saying he was jacking it into the streets' I'm pretty sure nobody in human history has ever used the phrase 'jacking it into the streets' before.

  • I wonder if Kony watched that dance video and laughed at how gay it was.

  • I like at 0:10 he just says it like he'll die anyways.

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  • fishies :)

  • This Kony guy sure is a knucklehead

  • Theres a great book about all the horrible shit kony did called War Brothers


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  • I just watched the full video "Easiest Way to Make Portable Soup" because of you😡😠

  • OH my god when he hits them with the beams and they transform it felt more like 90s or 80s not mid 00s

  • So i think moxie got made this year oh wow

  • Wackin it wackin it wackity wack Spanking it smacking it smackity smack

  • 13:25

  • Please do more Q&A's

  • That musical is something straight out of a GTA tv show

  • I mean, the song and musical are not THAT bad

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  • I think what George Clooney means when he says "the same level of celebrity as me" is a reference to how really famous celebrities can't do something as simple as go out into their front yard without a dozen reporters showing up and trying to ask questions. He wants that same level of awareness and scrutiny on militaristic dictators. He could've phrased it better because the way he says it makes it sound like he's trying to give them an out by becoming famous celebrities, but I think the idea is that he wants the same level of observation on them as he gets from the paparazzi

  • Breakdown my ass...it was a shitty publicity stunt to try and get the heat off of him. He made sure to go to a very public place to make a spectacle of himself. The whole video seems sus as fuck. It was as fake as his response to not being gay

  • That dance routine gave me AIDS.

  • 1:09 he's got tiny, tiny ears, doesn't he..?

  • Now I’ve got the “jacking it in San Diego” song stuck in my head

  • that music video is banging, but as someone who is studying development, completely inappropriate.

  • That musical has somehow,, a surprisingly high and surprisingly low production value simultaneously

  • THE T-SHIRT. CAN SOMEONE PLZ SEND ME A LINK TO A PNG OF THE T-SHIRT. I looked everywhere for the shirt itself or if someone made a replica tho i cant find it. anyone know if internet historian made one that i can find somewhere? xx

  • This guy had 20 million. He coulda bought weapons and shit

  • My school was one of the first schools to get involved with the whole Invisible Children movement. I saw that whole live dance thing in person back in 2009 / 2010.

  • That music video is the largest act of terrorism ever made by mankind.

  • Portable soup? Hmmmmmm

  • The high fish in the cave, "heeeeeyyyyyy kkkiiiiiiiiiidssss, iiiiii haaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvve caaaaaaaanndyyyyyyyyyy"

  • no he's Turing them rad stop him!

  • I never knew cringe goosebumps were a thing, yet here I am experiencing them first hand.

  • mental breakdowns are not fun, recovery..

  • 13:23 there’s something ironic about a kid packing his bags and going off to end a war

  • This video is the most 90s/early 2000s shit Ive ever seen, dear god

  • 8:57 that guy in white here, looks like a human head attached to a mannequin

  • 13:37 Isn't that a fucking GTA Vice City sound effect for the scream?

  • Different Moxie than the one on Netflix currently?

  • 2:28 look at that majestic eel

  • how in the fuck did they just shut down part of downtown San Diego to do a music video???

  • Funny. Liberals. Anyway anyone who believed that drunk guy video was real is just as moronic as the people who got scammed by this idiotic project.

  • You like Frederik Knutsen! I love his shit, one of my absolute faves.

  • the chronological ordering of rhe bookshelf seems a sweet idea though

  • They have swag rays

  • The costs for the satellite were astronomical. I see what you did there.

  • The real question is how does sleeping on the street help end the war in Uganda?

  • Now that he’s supposedly dead.. I guess Uganda does not live forever!

  • Yo I'm ngl I'm pretty stoned right now, but that part where they turn teenagers into backup dancers with magic is amazing

  • Kids: *Legitimate questions and concerns* Jason: "Well how about we convince you with DANCE"

  • Ok... Is not bad that video

  • As of January 25, 2021, he has reportedly died due to COVID-19. Details are iffy, given the nature of his character, so it's not 100% certain yet.

  • Yeah early 2000s were very weird

  • "What do you mean shot?".. "They use their guns to shoot.." hahahah 17:05

  • @12:00 Its Suddenly just Command and Conquer Music

  • Tldr: He was NOT jacking it

  • I want an edit of the music video where the Pillar Men theme starts playing as they slowly levitate towards the camera and they just start disintegrating people in the crowd or like re-arranging their atoms so they turn into horrible monsters.