There Are No Hot Singles In Your Area | In The Field

Birt 21 des 2017
What's the deal with reuploads.

We've all seen the ads. But few have dared to click them.
Today we seek to find out whether there is any truth to the claim, and in the process, hopefully find Xerstorian a date.

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  • Lifetime memberships are free make sure you put your credit card info in?

  • I wonder how many people have fallen for this scams

  • Hot singles in my area: *one dollar bill forgotten behind a radiator*

  • 5:52 "CHOOSE YOUR GENDER" *Options: MALE or Shaved-Cat-in-a-Business-Suit*

  • "So we're here on 4chan" What a horrible way to start.

  • Who believes what they’re shown on these sites ? The internet is a posers dream for liars, conmen , and psychopaths to flourish.

  • Historian types so fucking slow it hurts. Is that like 30 wpm?

  • I can feel the Malware just piling up on your computer as I watch these videos....

  • *Now, That's how mafia works 🤝*

  • 18:08 "Kevin Spacey wasn't that bad" OOOH How the times have changed!

  • Honestly the clothes make it funnier

  • 19:58 Reminded me of the song from the Grinch. 'Where are you singles? Where can I find you?"

  • 0:31 kinda sus clicked links

  • It seems like it's untrue, but hot singles have to live somewhere.

  • I guess you figured out what was tripping the bots

  • >mfw I live 20 minutes from Belmont NC

  • After years of watching IH, it only just now occurred to me that his voice sounds exactly like Vincent Price would've sounded if he was born and raised in Western Sydney

  • I am much outrage, how could insolent villains like internet historian and friend ever doubt great mighty british town of rochester. disgusted and outraged. Bad man video.

  • There are no hot singles (In my area). My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined D:

  • Where did the hide the Hot Singles in my area? Looks like they're hiding in an abandoned warehouse. Looks safe. Just give some random website my credit card info.

  • i wonder why the best game ever is using default daz studio images O.o

  • tbh there are a bunch of hot singles wherever I go. for that reason they are trying to send me to mars now.

  • You think there are no hot singles in your area? Well hell, I don't know how it is in your area, but I see one in mine everyday I look in the mirror!

  • 5:15 does he call da historian phil? phillip? yo name reveal. social security reveal video when?

  • I feel like my computer got a virus just watching this

  • I just got banned from Fakebook for a 3yr old post, that had no nudity or sex in it? They changed the way they ban Accounts now. They pull up an old post, 2 days before your Suspension is up, and just keep suspending for 30 days. This way they can scam the Advertisers, since your accounts still there, but your not allowed to play🤣. 4 Months in a row, same time each month. The only way is to delete your entire account yourself, and they know most ppl wont throw that away, hoping to get back on. I didnt care enough to waste time making a new account.

  • Is that chills?

  • So, you have chosen violence

  • 7:54 gotcha

  • Not sure if this has been figured out yet - all of these sites are subsidaries of Adult Friend Finder.

  • Hot singles contribute to the greenhouse effect; thankfully the university experience is already countering this phenomenon.

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  • is mortison a real name? i would have gone for "mortimer" ^^

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  • Those payment sites are identical because these porn/adult game/etc companies have to use special payment gateways that allow that kind of content. So that means a lot of sites use the same payment gateway, which uses the same form to implement into their websites. The changing address / billing info at the bottom of the page shows it's for a different company. HOWEVER, some companies own multiple sites that use the same payment gateway, so you might see the address change, or you might not. Roll the dice.

  • 17:41 Are you down with that sickness??

  • Hah they already knew to use Harvey Winestain's name.

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  • It turns out the hot singles in your area was all just a Dream all along

  • Maybe the hot singles in your area were the friends you made along the way...

  • I live in the town of Rochester and know where Bill Street is. It’s just a residential street so it’s clearly some creep in a back bedroom with a laptop OR the result of some random location generator.

  • Impossible.

  • The singles were to hot.

  • theres hot singles in my area but they're out of my league

  • caught the editor slipping at clothing the HOT BIKINI POLICE BABE at 7:54

  • I used to get hookers numbers off Craigslist and use prank owl or it was a simular one but they had a recording of an angry gf accusing them of fucking their husband and omg did I get some great reactions if I still have them on my old laptop ill upload them as surpringly most would argue only some would hang up

  • Is my basement not my area?

  • There are no women on the Internet.

  • Maybe the real hot singles, were the wings we ate along the way

  • The extra clothes make it 10x funnier

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  • The reason ISchats probably has a problem with this video was because the sites in the video are sketchy. ISchats has been known to not like links to sites like pornhub and other porn sites.

  • You missed some cleavage at 5:20

  • ☹️they are not?😔😔

  • Adding more clothes just raises the rate of sexual assaults while going full birthday suits has shown to do the opposite, source? Jacque Fresco visiting nudist tribes and for the other source we have... you guesse it, the Burka and it's culture rife with sexual criminality against women.

  • Australians are pretty cluey.

  • The vagabond yard fittingly tame because cup electronically warn at a threatening armenian. skinny, giddy tights

  • Mmm yes tasty viruses

  • Honestly photoshopping more clothes on them felt way funnier to me! I hope I'm not alone.

  • 5:42 : “Now what does it mean by, ‘LAST’ ?!” InternetHistorian: “well... let’s find out” *boots up the game and starts the timer* - 4 minutes and 30 seconds later - *still playing the game* InternetHistorian: “well boys, we’re at 4 minutes and 45 seconds and we still don’t know what they mean by La-“ *bolt-action sniper rifle rings through the town* Game-employed mercenary: *clicks radio* “4 minutes 58 seconds, he told him he wouldn’t last the full 5.”

  • dude if you just put in the credit card info and bank information in then you will get the hot singles, idiots

  • Censored for nothing... that's never happened before, never ever. Why would anyone want to leave YT? Soooooo.... what's your backup site that has the uncensored version? You know, all the other video sites for when you're removed for no good reason too?

  • Craft hot American singles baby

  • This comes in very late BUT I actually managed to get past the credit card check screen by using a fake credit card I generated (all legal, just similar looking information). The actual content of these websites is HORRID but it felt incredible to finally get beyond the wall, it was as if I arrived in an El Dorado of janky depravity and scammed boomers. Badly coded point and click games (some of them quite long) and poor English galore! If you do try this make sure you take all necessary precautions, these websites are like web STDs.

    • Was wondering why they didn't do that. Heck they didn't even need to create a real gmail account

  • Is the Harvey Weinstein scandal that old already? I've watched all your videos so many times man, and I have just now had a second thought about the mention of Weinstein. Wot T F mate? 😆

  • You guys need some Mavis Beacon. I type faster on my phone.

  • Can we all just appreciate that Internet Historian's laugh sounds like a barking seal.

  • but my name is corey

  • How can it be the highest rated game if users can't spread the word?

  • 1.6+ k fat fuck feminists dislike the video


  • Bouncing....bouncing... lol. Good luck with that. Sweat in the palms? Probs spit.

  • 17:51 I'm going to Heavenly tomorrow!

  • I love Internet Historian’s yelping laugh

  • Well done 👍 please read Romans 10:5/10

  • I'm actually kinda curious what happens if you give them an almost empty prepaid credit card

  • If you put the post code of the address at 2:38 into Google maps the first readable door number is 69. Think about it.

  • Damn those implants. Total waste of money

  • So many malware from these sites... fcking internet.

  • Wow I haven’t thought about KIK in so long Honestly miss it 😢

  • You may not rest now, there are hot singles nearby.

  • Okay

  • Just move near a college that is 60% women or more. Problem solved.

  • Website: Hot mature singles in . Me, who lives in an area where everyone knows each other: *Recognises picture.* Also me: "Grandma, we have to talk..."

  • ISchats is a Protestant Puritan.

  • Why does he have a "wise sensei" voice filter on for most of this

  • I made an account on a cougar website and my name was cooter shooter.

  • So, you confirm no nudity and you reupload it anyway? Take it back down.

  • I don't understand all this free access. But yet you still need to add your valid credit card details.. This was hilarious.

  • HOT SINGLES AXOLTOLS IN YOUR AREA!!!!!!😍😍😍😍🤔🤔🤔😗😘😘😗😲😲😲😲😈😈😈😳😳😳

  • Maybe the real area was the friends we made along the way

  • Oooooohhhh

  • The reason why the addresses listed are both in Kent is because these sites are usually involved in money laundering schemes. They'll find a suitable address (often commercial units) and then use it for multiple sites which is why it's so difficult to trace the owners of these websites. The address used likely has nothing to do with the people running this scam.

  • If only you'd had Nord VPN while making this video, the hot singles would have been all over you!

  • Fuck youtube

  • Hello your computer has virus

  • God I hate his laugh it sounds like someone smacking a solo cup against the counter

    • sPLiSh SpLaSh YoUr OpiNiOn Is TrAsH

  • Who's the other guy in the video?? It sounds like Linklight to me!

  • Man couple woman trans Well at the very least they attempted inclusion