The Swedish Job | Sundance Rejects

Birt 22 maí 2020
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The TRUE STORY about an art heist thievery grabbin' that happened in 2000 and how the people responsible were caught.
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  • Don't talk to me or my son ever again

    • he lowkey used a soundbyte from a 2010 video and i knew what it was from

    • will u be my dad Whang?

    • @Commander Gree to have to pay lol 😆😆😆😆

    • @S. Oddity obviously not

    • So THATS how you got the dough for that sweet crib with all the cool lights, guitars and Lucha libre maks an shit, robbing art gallerys??

  • Just remember kids.. American law enforcement will gladly forfeit dozens of lives to get a painting.. they'll illegally lie to you about evidence and your buddies.. oh they sold you out! Better fess up

  • I love that it was an almost airtight crime due to pure luck, considering how many goofs they made after they found they found their phone number.

  • Who is the girl in the young Parisian painting?

  • 18:10 i like the inclusion of the cop voice from Big Lez Show

  • I’m sorry but... TRO? 😅

  • 19:24 "Kostov led the police into a local porn shop" 🤔

  • 1.4k art thieves disliked.

  • ya minge..

  • Great video, but does anyone know all the music he used?

  • Well, if they used nord VPN their phone numbers never would have lead to their location.

  • "It's the little things"

  • The right opinion? If not who tf is TRO

  • the moment any of your gang mates suggest to ransom the stolen goods to the very institute they just robbed deserves to be taken out ala "cosa nostra" style. Rembrandt with a ballgag! I just can't ... XD

  • This is better than most movies that come these days.

  • More nord vpn man

  • I can see where Casa de Papel got their idea.

  • woaha invisible inc ost

  • wtf they could at least have used a burner phone.

  • hey anyone else want that Swedish "Krona"

  • 7:31 “That’s not the worst idea in the world.” No, but it’s pretty damn close.

  • B

  • 23:18 what song is this?

  • Hard to believe a Kiwi accent lol

  • Best Nord VPN ads ever!!!

  • 4:33 sus!!!

  • I like how they would have likely gotten away with it if not for some random sus af old man who should probably be checked for paranoid schizophrenia and saw the nosey neighbor stereotype and decided to brake the dial and spin it around a few dozen times left work and followed them for miles. all because he thought they were sus. that is not concerned citizen that is creepy levels of stalker to even think about right there. like, this guy sounds like he would drop what he is doing to follow you home because you have an unusually colored shopping bag. I am as forgetful as they stupid and the proof is in the ransom. as in I forgot about it.

  • Such a beautiful story

  • Reddit made me watch this

  • 8:26 the third picture omg

  • 20:10 - I like how he has weird vitiligo-hands, like me. Despite all the inclusion these days, us half-and-half’s don’t see much representation. Except in those culty ISchats ads with the maniac begging for free money. Between him and Michael Jackson, us 50 percenters don’t get good representation.

  • Well That Was A Shitty Ending.

  • Imagine snitching on your son

  • All this proves is Jail really is like college for criminals...

  • Isn't this a Netflix Doc now?

  • Does Sweden have the most lax laws in the world or am I just too Americanized?

    • most nordic countries doesn't uses punitive justice

  • 25:38 this part absolutely KILLED me

  • Thought this was gonna be about the helicopter heist of... was it 2009? But this was a good one too! I did actually not know about this. Guess I was too busy chasing chicks in 2000. In 2009 I was an old fart and had stopped doing that. :)

  • They planned the heist on my date of birth

  • 🤘

  • 16:33

  • If he just used a random phone number he came up with it would have been perfect

  • I love it.Yeah I was swiming in the sewer,I love it.

  • i refuse to believe that was TRO

  • The Only thing we need now is a Norwegian Fascist gruop demonsrating in Sweden!

  • 18:01 - That's the engine bay on that Porsche...

  • Netflix just did a documentary on this I feel like Netflix staff just watches your videos to get ideas

  • Yuo,

  • In the end the narrator says that nothing has been stolen ever again. But I think we all can agree that is not true, since Wittman stole all of our hearts after watching this video

  • I’m sorry but I’ve been arrested for _doggin the bois_

  • 16:33 AMONGUS?¿! (sus)

  • Its been my 3rd or so time watching this video. I just realized the farthest 'Criminal' @ 3:03 great touch

  • Petition to have Internet Historian make ever ad ever for the rest of forever.

  • The Expanse greatest show

  • Does anyone knows the name of the end song?

  • That kid would probably is Motion sick

  • Man if only they gave a fake phone number

  • 22:11 hey that’s me

  • 23:30 Whitty throws his mic

  • I liked the part where Dave Grohl played the father and son

  • This is the best series of bruh moments in human history

  • Yes. The most likely of scenarios.

  • his voice!

  • If any off you wanna steal art in the future get a buyer before stealing the art, you wanna get rid of it as soon as possible, as long as no evidence are left behind like the owner of the boat you borrowed has your phone number, you wouldnt get caught unless you are dumb enough to reveal your identity to the buyer, if the buyer gets caught it all falls on them

  • This is now my favorite heist movie

  • The Hamburgler tho

  • I lose it at the father/son football moment every time. *xD*

  • *Damn, Nick Valentine's past life was quite the bomb shell, let alone the fact that he had a twin brother and his wife had plastic surgery to look exactly like him*

  • Is this the documentary on netflix?

  • Trade alert I receive: priceless painting You receive: jail sentence

  • This isn't some diddlin is it?

  • Great channel 😁. I think that I could also just as easily watch an entire hour back-to-back of your homemade Nord VPN commercials... absolutely hilarious... fantastic!

  • I can’t believe they arrested daredevil. Don’t they know what he’s done for Hell’s Kitchen??

  • How do you plan such a good heist plan, but really mess up by using real phone numbers. Like if I’m the police I’m happy that this is a lucky break but disappointed I’m not dealing with criminal masterminds.

  • What the fuck, I'm trying to not play witcher 3, 20:41 and there's frickig gwent music

  • Seriously that ad was gold

  • 18:25 big oof

  • Why isn't this on the main channel? Top quality stuff.

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  • Every officer and their wives being Cole Phelps just makes this 500% better

  • Great video!

  • I think I Just Got "The Stockholm Syndrome"

  • bro your comments are full of bots

  • I love how he made Summito play the Russian and had that white guy play the Iraqis.

  • 23:33 yeah we sure do love our Swedish corona over here

  • how do they cashing out those three paintings by the way?

  • “Did you get a good look at them?” “Aye, *no* ” wut

  • Nord vpn man is chad

  • LA ReNoir

  • When people steal art work or other “one of a kind object” they typically already have a buyer, if they’re not ignorant. Most of the time valuables have intrinsic value 50x its weight in scrap, normally these types of thieves or on a different level compared to basic “robbers” however theses idiots haven’t got a clue.

  • Fun fact; you’ve watched this more than once.

  • Who else is binging internet historian at 1 o'clock at night.

  • Wow only 6 years in a cozy nordic prison for stealing 30 mil?? That's worth it no?

  • Lvl 100 Robbery - > Lvl 0 robbery . xD

  • 9:13 Gay soft

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  • I refuse to believe that's TRO.

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  • 18:34 Said No American Law Enforcement Ever

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