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Jeff's Theme
Nihilore - Breaking Point
(Does great stuff)
Olivaw | Chasing The Light
Spring in My Step
Grieg | Morning Mood
Tim Beek | Ghost
Kevin MacLeod - Sad Times
Ether | Silent Partner
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  • Error

  • **teleports behind you**

  • Liu's voice is so bad...

  • my thoughts: what the heck is mark mark zuckerberg doing on the thumbnail

    • POV after watching it: why is Jeff mark zuckerberg

  • This would've been better if jeff was jeff bezos

  • 26:48 I thought he was pointing his middle finger🤣

  • 11:40 skip the add

  • Here is the thing JTK is a icon of creepy pastas right next to slender man but the writing is trash I have to be honest, it’s like love craft stories it’s glorify to be this great horror story but if you look at it a lot of it is racist

    • Also If you think about it JTK is like the Joaquin Phoenix joker

  • e

  • these stories are so funny, they ruin Jeff the killer for me I will never be able to take it seriously now that I know his face is from when a bunch of 11 year olds lighting him on fire

  • 1:29 I love that voice

  • XD best story ever "blood and vodka" BONK TOWEL RACK YEET, JEFF's mom is talking to jeff even tho hes not councius xd

  • Uhmmm

  • I love Jeff the Killer

  • Bruh so everybody was just standing there when three kids were attacking Jeff?

  • 😐

  • It’s me Moxxie guys

  • I want the sound effects to this or else I will throw you over the patio

  • Chills voice makes everything hilarious 🤣

  • So jeff is basically any jojo charecter fighting in roblox

  • His hair got vary long

  • Number 5 mi balz

  • The parents: oh don't worry it's just a real gun fight no need to screen don't try to stop them

  • Why tf did randy take the default kit?

  • You know what they say....GO TO SLEEP

  • God bless us every tube

  • jeff ate burger king foot letace


  • 19:40 wasnt he like in the bathroom? XD theres water everywhere

  • jeff the killer really took narcissism to another level

  • "ur mom" it was on the picture at school i couldnt stop laughing

  • he got chills what a legend

  • its mike zuckerburg

  • Gotta love the recap at 23:51

  • D.

  • Just mum sounds like grandma

  • Me namA jeff

  • Did i remember some voice in some top 5 or 10 channel

  • That was one shittily-inserted IV (like really, no tape even?) for it to fall out just by him sitting up. In my one experience with an IV, I was able to bend that arm quite sharply, enough to get my Chapstick out of my hip pocket, without affecting the catheter at all.

  • Whatever. Keith never could have struck the lighter! 😜😜😜

  • Jeff the Killer vs Slenderman/Jane the Killer reading when

  • Why does Jeff sound like serum ????????

  • Ayo did the parents even care

  • They cut the brother

  • i love how they made mark zuckerberg jeff.

  • What...The...Fuck...

  • Jeff's mum is such a bitch

  • Man I really didn't question any of this as a preteen.

  • What’s your guys’ opinion on Jeff’s feeling?

  • you might think his parents would care

  • like how fake this is

  • What even is this I like it but I'm so confused this is funny

  • "shhhhhhh JUST GO TO SLEEP."

  • "welp, thats a year in juvy" as if the cop just decides ur sentence and they do it right then and there. its os funny how obviously young the people who write these are..

  • If jeff had a dollar store version, it would be jeff the public nuisance.

  • Z U C C .

  • Of course Mark is Jeff

  • This single video made me subscribe

  • Is it fake story

  • kid: holds a knife cops: locked and loaded

  • ahhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! HIS EYES!!!!! THEY LOOK LIKE OLIVES!!!!!!

  • 18:11 Don't you love it when two kids pull out a gun and shoot at you and your parents watch with a smile on their face.

  • Also Keith is a nerd I also don’t understand why the parents would let kieth and Troy shoot real guns at Jeff the parents well Jeff is going to go to jail anyways I’m gonna go like he’s in Troy finish them off before he goes to jail

  • HE doesn’t have any fancy Close because his parent don’t want to get him any and then when Jeff says but you never by me fancy close his parent: oh shut up Jeff it’s your fault

  • You can tell that this was written by kids who think they could do this

  • 22:53 this nigga got mj disease

  • The part about the sewing up burnt clothes fucking killed me

  • Jeff, the only criminal he is, is putting foot fungus in Burger King

  • Chills voice makes it way better

  • The cringe is so top-tier.

  • Each generation is more stupid more controlled more easily entertained and less discerning than the previous. Congratulations!

  • Jeff-f**k you brat The bad kid-s**t ahhhhhhhh😵

  • Randy and jeff: fighting to the death Literally everyone inside: 0_0

  • Why i keep earing grand thef auto pickle rick and burger king foot letuce?

  • Burger King foot lettuce

  • This could have made me forget Jeff as a creepypasta and more as an idiot way sooner.

  • i got spooked

  • Jeffs sounds like the guy who said burger king foot Salad

  • ah god this is way better than that gacha life monstrosity

  • As his mom looks at here watch *it looks like pixel is a circle*

  • Jeff voice is sooooooooo monotone

  • Chills Grungle stan *the voice actors of this video*

  • Jeffs voice tho

  • ah yes stitches, the only logical treatment for burns

  • Who does mumky play?

  • I love how no one did anything just watched

  • My name es Jeff

  • i like how literally no adult helps jeff when he's getting beaten by a 12 year old lmao

  • Why is Jeff Mark Zuckerberg

  • why did I watch this to the end

  • Jeff Quirk: murder If he gets pissed his strength greatly increases.

  • Don’t you love how Jeff has curtains and those door things?

  • second part?

  • The knock sounded so real

  • Lmao you showed death note? That’s light the killer Edit: light the kira ;)

  • Ppl in the comments section are criticizing this writing? This was supposed to be funny right? Don't tell me this is not a dark comedy story! My god I had soo much fun ❤️

  • I love how the adults just let the kids fight and don’t do anything at all

  • When the narrator said as she saw Jeff I skipped by mistake and it went to holding the knife

  • I wanna know the jeffina or whatever

  • Silly