Exploring the Japanese Kitkat Forest

Birt 2 sep 2019
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We goof around for a bit then go to an actual field. Also I fly to Japan.

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  • For the record I had radishes with me but I got nervous

    • this comment was hilarious before i finished watching the video. i'm not sure if it's funnier now

    • Was this the first time you guys met in person?

    • I literally know less about agriculture after your little educational segment than I did before...

    • blink twice on the next video if you're being held hostage.

    • this started with Japanese kitkats and the purple potato flavor

  • He acts like one of those kids that know everything after learning about how to plant a seed in kindergarten

  • Why dont they buy a muscle car I mean cmon

  • 2:05 That was actually Jay from RedLetterMedia on the hunt for a rare copy of Tokyo Gore Police

  • I can watch internet historian ads all days long

  • Sumito! Fart twice if Internet Historian has you in his basement

  • Hey! Sumito lives in my state😁

  • 13:44 is what happens when you realise 2 years later that the condom missed the bin when you were done with it

  • Palm trees in VA???

  • t͢o͢ ͢t͢h͢a͢t͢ ͢s͢o͢n͢z͢e͢b͢i͢c͢h͢e͢z͢ ͢i͢n͢d͢i͢ ͢g͢r͢e͢e͢n͢ ͢a͢z͢z͢:͢ ͢E͢x͢t͢r͢e͢m͢e͢ ͢p͢a͢i͢n͢n͢n͢ ͢i͢n͢ ͢y͢o͢u͢r͢ ͢d͢e͢e͢p͢l͢y͢ ͢a͢z͢z͢z͢.͢.͢ ͢d͢o͢n͢t͢ ͢l͢a͢u͢g͢h͢ ͢y͢o͢u͢ ͢s͢o͢n͢o͢f͢e͢h͢o͢r͢r͢!͢

  • 4:00 daddy dank with the shoko asahara

  • Haha ... those japanese midical masks ... haha

  • Long Man is my spirit animal

  • 300 different flavors of dead babies and people dying of thirst.

  • internet historian uses ISchats Premium? Probably the last thing i will do before dying.....

  • Internet historian is my new favorite channel

  • dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Hey look a RedLetterMedia reference!. Also, I'm literally a Fury Warrior so I prefer my cocktail umbrella hat in Attack Mode.

  • at this point, i don't even know what I'm watching

  • 9:23 that one didn’t age quite so well

  • That's sand that field is barren

  • Can anybody tell me where that abandoned place he went to? I need me to do some research there.......

  • your explanation about fashion trends was spectacular. you're spot on with that one

  • "Where were we? Oh yeah, umbrella hats..."

  • When you travel halfway around the world for a meme video

  • 4:11 it is insane to me how similar the side bar is to my own

  • What a beautiful journey, from talking about Japanese Kit Kats, to trying to find the Suicide Forest on Google Maps, to flying to West Virginia to start a radish farm, to going to an abandoned bowling alley in Japan.

  • engagdedededd

  • "...Bowling Alley, Arcade, Pachinko parlor..." Oh just like America.

  • You can skip yo anywhere in this video and it’s just so random

  • I don't know who gets me more: the algorithm, or this channel. (But I love you both equally.)


  • Stop giving mr beast ideas

  • That watch better have time travel powers

  • anyone know what the manga is at 12:46?

  • "It's sooo looong" - some girl

  • forever in love w/ internet historian's cute laugh/ hot voice 🖤

  • “For growing radishes” *laughs* “you typically need a ph of under -20” Dude... THAT SOIL, IF IT REALLY HAD A PH OF -20, WOULD BURN AWAY THE ENTIRETY OF THE PLANET

  • i'm fluent in japanese and calling korean "spooky japanese" is the best way you could possibly describe it

  • Just because this country is comparatively small doesn’t mean all land is expensive lol

  • ...Daiso is a dollar store, guys.

  • Can I go on your next Japan adventure? I'll bring dehydrated fruit.

  • Lol at the mask comment

  • These are really reminiscent of the Karl Pilkington animations to me. It feels like a couple of pals hanging out shooting the shit with entertaining visual gags throughout the talk.

  • I fuckin lost it at "LONG LOOONG MAAAAAAAAN" every time

  • what is the text-to-speech website they use in this?

  • 9:30 yeah sure, medical masks and all that but also, amogus

  • Why can i smell the Long Long Man ads

  • buy land and make it an internet historian park

  • oklahoma you can buy acres for 6 grand lol

  • 27:58 fuck you

  • 9:14 holy shit I've literally been there.

  • Internet Historian stars in: The Last of Us: Japan

  • 'you know when japanese get sick and wear those, uh, medical masks?' yeah oh someone already commented that

  • Why aren’t they using windows? They’re an Apple family

  • I aspire for this level of friendship.

  • Anyone who knows Jay from RLM is a good human being. xD

  • no one gonna talk about the shadow reveal huh?

  • I love how the father of the banana kid is just a head. ^^

  • "Drop him at the second of a hat" nice

  • The Chef actually use his middle finger to taste it xDDDDD

  • I’m loving your ISchats recommended lists.

  • Long Long Man is great!

  • Do you guys know what the song is that he uses at 28:00 is?

  • 9:26 Presenting to you, *foreshadowing*

  • 2min of giggling and carry on is all I could put up with.

  • The 2 of u together are seriously the best

  • Sumito looks fat

  • Long Long Man commercial had more character development than the DCU

  • That Japanese taffy commercial series was amazing! 😅😅😅

  • I would buy an umbrella hat with incognito ih on it

  • The small sack tentatively calculate because lunchroom concurrently test up a yielding goose. brawny, easy space

  • 13:05 that guy is hella high ngl

  • the further you get into this video, the poorer it ages.

  • This video is the definition of random.

  • too bad you didn't take a closer look at drakes watch, the rm69 is kinda hilarious

  • Ah yes, -20 ph, the perfect acidity

  • We need to probe sumito's brain to see internet historian

  • 13:13 I genuinely want one, also where is the girl from?

  • 9:27 Oh boy if only you knew...

  • Funny thing is 100k of paper cups is almost exactly 2/3 cubic kilometer of paper cut, this is not accounting for difference of top to bottom with, wholesale/ bulk price, or if buying so many cups would drive up the price of the cups.

  • 19:46

  • you now that 7 is neutral and it goes to 0 and 14 as far as i know so -20 HOLY

  • Why are you censoring a lot of the places on Google Maps?

  • Thank you for introducing long long man to me. I'm a different man now.

  • haha, that actually looked like Jay Bauman.

  • "This must be the Montena of Japan", literally looking for realestate in Fukushima. love it

  • 0:26 the internet historian says the nword

  • Think like I've seen the bowling alley before.

  • 1: you didnt explore the kit kat forest, only the kit kat shack 2: why the hell did Sumito need radishes?

  • woah, i live in gifu lol

  • The Japanese enjoy mild flavors... nuclear radiation is a nice mild flavor

  • i love this editor so much

  • This video inspired me to grow radishes , I even have one growing my room. (Definitely not bragging about having such a great vegetable)

  • This video went to so many directions.. i am confused and intrigued! I WANT MORE!

  • you guys really bougth a piece of land for a video? holy shit

  • What manga is that at 12:45 ish? (I know it's a joke, but I want to know the real manga 🤣)

  • 21:05 aged well or bad I can’t tell

  • I think someone has been sniffing too much -20 PH soil

  • that moment when ph isnt measured in negative numbers LMAO