Sonic High School | Sundance Rejects

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  • Sonic.

  • 9:19 tails be like 👁️👄👁️ wtf that shit is nightmare inducing

  • How did you get Alan Alda to voice eggman?

  • "I missed Amy" has the same energy as "I pissed on the moon" And I'm not sure which one I'm more scared of

  • 1:58 oh shit Jeff might attend the school too.

  • You're laughing. Knuckles took up two seats when he only needed one and you're laughing.

  • That Nord VPN ad is a stolen Simpsons joke 😂. Lisa has a daydream that she's stopped from becoming president at her inauguration because she failed gym in the 2nd grade, and then she's exiled to Monster Island.

  • Knuckles thought he was a bad boy because he sat in two seater seats. Does that mean Big the Cat is a bad boy too?

  • Sanic

  • It blows my mind how the Historian managed to get in touch with a Ugandan warlord for this.

  • Kirpi Sonik

  • "Real uhstate"

  • The limo is still broken

  • What the Fuck did I just watch?

  • *Luigi typing on keyboard* "...And they all got super pregnant! The end!"

  • Why does this exist

  • Gay ball problems Lmfaoooooooooooo

  • 8:19 it's like 2 am and that door knock made my hearth jump tf?

  • Liretature.

  • why is everyone here literally Mr. Exposition lmao

  • Still better than the sonic movie tho

  • If you’re ever embarrassed, remember Sonic’s gay ball problem.

  • This is almost as bad as the “My Immortal” fanfic

  • 1984 moment

  • so what about the other 35 seconds can I have those back ?

  • Was Fredrick Knudsen running a deli while recording his lines? Because he was serving so much ham! Great work to him and everyone involved!

  • Ghost gay balls.

  • I love Sonic High-school so much and that Sonic seemingly has a split personality with how much he talks to himself.

  • Eggman's voice actor has a really nice voice. He should do video game reviews or something

  • The worst part, the absolute worst part about this whole thing, is that when I was 7, it’s very likely I would have written something like this about sonic

  • Did my man just put Kefka laugh at 11:16 ?

  • Who tf wrote/edited this,it says for eggmans dialogue "im going to do sex to amy" like wth how does someone write it wrong after having written it just right in the previous chapter when it was written "do sex on amy" Why and how did they write it wrong and right in the same story

  • I like Amy’s voice lol

  • Noororororororood VPN

  • What the fuck did I just observe?

  • 8:17 Holy shit, that scared the shit out of me.

  • At 13:29, what show is that?

  • I'm really late but you all should definitely check out Brensaniel's reading of this story, he does the entire thing and it's absolutely hilarious

  • Wheres Sonic’s dad?

  • This is the Peak of why Sonics fanbase is the absolute weirdest furry Shit Out there.

  • What the fuck did i just watch?

  • This is very very funny, much epic, much cool. My parents told me i was being too loud because i was laughing, this is sad, because this is funny

  • "This man probably died ages ago and left all his money from being in real estate to his sons who build this place" ... sure ...

  • The original story is a bit longer now. We need a part 2!

  • I think more children should be encouraged to write full stories. It lacks any sense of subtlety or story structure, it's beautiful.

  • 20:10

  • My God, why am I feeling that some of my neurons had just vanished after this video?

  • Sojic the hodgepodge

  • You forgot the line “the man looked like a fat immature gay”

  • Hey hey people, eggman here.

  • I’m a little sad that you didn’t decide to mix universes here. I’ve watched this video like 10 times or more but I have yet to see a Sonichu cameo. 😥

  • That's a legit Sonic voice

  • I like that Sonic's poop had more character development than the vast mayority of the other characters

  • you know watching this I immediately got Internet Historian mixed up with the Spiffing Brit, dunno how that happened

  • It's been 5 minutes and I'm in the fetal position

  • I'm an English teacher. Thanks for providing me with my next lesson plan.

  • Gimme a second one

  • Wait. Sonic is 16. Amy is 12. this is high school, so Sonic is probably a freshman or sophomore, Which means Amy is in 5th or 6th grade. *YIKES*

  • Emp lemon is perfect for tails

  • the idea of knuckles being so thicc that he takes up two seats followed by "I'm so baaad" is hilarious to me

  • Amy cheats on sonic because he’s got balls from god

  • what the fuck is this

  • The internet historian is the only person that can make this story unironically entertaining

  • What's the anime at 13:28?

  • I've rewatched this masterpeice 5 times. And i still havent seen the new sonic movie.

  • Thought for a second that his journal entry was going to talk about his blue ball problem

  • 11:30 “ he looked like a fat immature gay” 😂

  • 1:58 Whos ready for the internet historian cinematic universe

  • This is better than Shakespeare!

  • The fact that twomad is here makes this video even funnier.

  • making rouge a real bat must be a lowkey attack on the furry community 😂 sidenote: do you know that feel when you watch something and it's so funny that you can't even exhale the laugh and you feel like you going to burst every moment. i want way more of this!

  • This masterpiece moved me to tears.

  • I like how you don’t mess up the grammatical errors when reading

  • I guess Sonic is fast

  • Thafnine voicing Amy is the best thing ever. He for some reason doesn't sound too out of place.

  • Why would a person of any age go this far to write this shit

  • 12:22 amazing

  • that knock on the door got me worried it was my window.

  • Fredrick randomly screaming "AAAAAAAH!" is the strangest thing to ever give me life XD

  • this is so fucking terrible, I can't believe a persom wrote this. how old were they?

  • When he was looking for Amy, sonic kinda just meta gamed, didn’t he.

  • "I only love her for her body" Profound

  • “Sonic didn’t like english” Oh so it’s like one of those self narrated things where the narrator was sonic the whole time. No? oh.

  • Byoutiful.

  • Sonic shit shot

  • DX

  • Can we please talk about the ensemble cast?

  • Love your role as mrs lesson, CJ

    • How did he not win Best Supporting Actress?

  • Seth being the villain is fitting

  • I watched the sonic video and I liked the video so I clicked the like button on the video "I like this" I said and then I kept watching the video

  • I swear to god these hyper-realistic dorr knocks are going to kill me.

  • Rouge is just a fucking bat, 👌 perfection

  • This is straight BS. Sonic doesn't use a single contraction. Someone as fast as Sonic would def use contractions to save time.

  • What the hell did I just watch and where do I get more of it?

  • why was the prom on the literal first day of high school?

  • i feel like i just had a stroke honestly im just confused

  • I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. This made me feel again.

  • 12:42 litteraly every president elections in US

  • 11:21 so this is what are you doing now? you bastard you told u are working on new vide...hmm

  • Watched for Sseth, stayed for the drama